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 Garnet - January

Garnet is a sensual stone for  January babes. It helps with negative thought patterns, blesses you with confidence and builds up those positive vibes.

Amethyst - February

Let go of the bad vibes, and walk towards the light. February babies, this one's for you.

Aquamarine - March

Just like the first streaks of sunshine in spring, Aquamarine is the March darling’s source of light.


 Diamond - April

Diamond is the April birthstone. It can be uncut and raw, or smooth and shiny - either way, the diamond is a hard-knock-ride-or-die-4 eva kinda rock.

Emerald - May

Emerald glows lush green in abundance for the May babe. It helps you stay sharp in the mind, soft in the soul, and successful in life.

Moonstone - June

The mysterious moonstone carries the June babe’s hidden truths. It’s also a stone for travellers, dancers and artists.


 Pearl - June

Pearls of wisdom for those born in June. It’s a healing gem, a spiritual token for the feminine; also known as the matrix of life itself.

Ruby - July

A noble stone, the most magnificent ruby for a most magnificent July queen. A talisman of sorts, there’s no putting out ruby’s fiery glow.

Peridot - August

Those born in August are born of fire, just like the peridot. It’s the closest humans can get to the sun. Embody peridot’s magic: gentle, fiery, layers of flavor, scintillating, brimming with life.


 Spinel - August

Spinel is the favourite underdog of August born. She’s got high vibes, high energy, high hopes. She shares it all with you.

Sapphire - September

Oh, divine sapphire, a fallen star that chose to fall, to fly, to shine with and for the creatures down below. A birthstone for September and life-long love affairs.

Tourmaline - October

Tourmaline is a favorite for October flings. Tourmaline is infused with life’s flavors, tender pink and juicy green, and all the emotions in between.


 Opal - October

Opal dances with streaks of light, flashes of color for October babes. It’s lightning in a rainbow bottle. An underdog who keeps it real.

Citrine - November

Citrine is the November birthstone, its sunny warm colors shimmers with a golden glow

Tanzanite - December

Tanzanite is an alternative December birthstone, said to relax and slow down those who deal with pressure and stress on a regular basis.

Turquoise - December

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. She carries great wisdom of intuitive truth and memories of the elders. Speak up for love – she reminds you this everyday.





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