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One Set Necklace Chain Mantra Collections One Set Necklace Chain Mantra Collections
$ 48.74$ 69.64
Mantra necklaces are mantras or affirmations that can be used as reminders for anyone who wears them throughout the day, using the power of words to motivate the wearer.

Sunaka Jewelers designed a Mantra Necklace with 9 different mantras engraved/written on it, adorned with her representative gemstones which also embody/promote positive energy.
What's Your Mantra?

- Courage – Blue Topaz
- Passion – Garnet
- Peace – Amethysts
- Happiness – Citrine
- Grateful – White Zircon
- Balance - Green Quartz
- Blessed - Rainbow Moonstone
- Love - Rosequartz
- Brave - Peridot

Choose a Mantra Necklace with affirmations that you want to meditate on throughout the day and be the best version of yourself every day. Or buy one for your sister, mother or loved one, as a real gift from the heart.
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