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Every man is believed to have their own zodiac symbol known as 12 zodiac or 12 constellations, based on their birth month.

The word zodiac comes from the Greek word zoodiacos cyclos which means the animal circle. Although derived from Greek, there’s some saying that zodiac system was created by ancient Egyptians around the 4th century BC.

Ancient Greeks used this circle as a one-year symbol referring to the 12 constellations.

These 12 constellations are symbols of an important animal or hero in Greek mythology, which eventually become the symbol of every zodiac.

Inspired by the interesting story behind the history of zodiac that reflects the uniqueness of every human in person, Sunaka Jewelry launches the Zodiac collection.

Appear with lighter design of necklace with two shades option of rose gold and silver, each symbol beautifully carved by the hand of talented silversmiths. This collection turns 92, 5 sterling silver into a gorgeous piece that wearable daily.

$ 50.00
Product Details Total Length : 500 mm Material : 925 Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated.
$ 37.00
Product Details Total Length : 500 mm Material : 925 Sterling Silver
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