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$ 117.31

Monstera Collection design from SUNSRI – House of Jewelry is inspired by Monstera Deliciosa, a native species originated from the tropical forests of southern Mexico. The genus name of Monstera comes from the Latin word of “monstrous”, referring to the huge size of the plant, which can grow even bigger in its natural habitat. Not to mention, its unique shape can be surprisingly well to be drawn into a jewelry design.

Monstera Collection is made of rose-gold coated silver, and added with some gemstones like citrine, topaz, and peridot, which unveil the tropical colors and feel. This collection is definitely something you do not want to miss to add the final touch to your summer look.



  • Length: 19 inches
  • Diameter:1.4 inches
  • Thickness: 1.73 mm
  • Weight: 9.42 gr
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Color: Rose Gold Plated
  • Stone: Genuine Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot
  • Closure: Lobster Claw
Keong Emas Necklace in Sterling Silver Keong Emas Necklace in Sterling Silver
$ 144.23

Keong Emas collection was inspired by the uniqueness of a shell of freshwater snail that sparks exotism and natural beauty in it. Modelled the shell, this collection is featured Balinese traditional pattern called Patra Mas-masan. This perfect combination makes a light appearance to your daily look.


Product Details

Total Length : 375 mm

Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Color : Silver or Gold Plated

Flamboyant Statement Necklace Flamboyant Statement Necklace
$ 71.35$ 101.93

The Flamboyan Collection is inspired by a flamboyant flower. Its red color and a crown on the flower that swells like an umbrella makes its appearance outstanding and mesmerizing.
Similar to the natural version, each piece from Flamboyan Collection is also has a swelled crown shape. Combined with White Zircon Dalloz gems which reflect luxury and beauty, Zircon Dalloz is also believed to bring peace to their owners.
In the hands of our professional craft smith, the Flamboyant Collection is made from 925 sterling silver, and comes in 3 variants of color; 18k gold plated, rose gold color, and oxidized silver color. This collection will perfectly make women look so mesmerizing.


  • Length: 14 inches (included 1-inch extension chain)
  • Pendant height: 2.1 inches
  • Pendant width: 1.7 inches
  • Material: Sterling Silver 925
  • Color: Silver/ Gold Plated/ Rose Gold Plated
  • Stone : Zircon
925 Sterling Silver Zodiac Necklace with 18k Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Zodiac Necklace with 18k Rose Gold Plated
    $ 50.00

      This zodiac necklace is a dainty necklace we designed for her birthday present. A gift that matches her star sign that will bring luck, abundance, and happiness. Appearing with a minimalist design and elegant rose gold color will make her happy to always wear it.

      Product Details

      Total Length:  19.6 inches 

      Material: 925 Sterling Silver with 18kRose Gold Plated

      Closure: Lobster Claw

      Chain Type: Curb Chain

      $ 320.00

      Sunaka Jewelry’s Batik Indonesia collection brings out the true identity of Indonesia to the world through the art of silver. This collection is inspired by the Indonesia Batik pattern, whose the diversity is represented by Batik Kawung and Batik Parang pattern.


      Product Details

      Total Length : 355 mm

      Material : 925 Sterling Silver

      Rhodium Plated Silver Necklace Chain N.310 Rhodium Plated Silver Necklace Chain N.310
      16 IN 18 IN 20 IN 22 IN
        $ 21.42
        16 IN 18 IN 20 IN 22 IN

          A wide selection of silver necklace chains are available for a wide variety of necklace styles and lengths. The entire collection of Sunaka Jewelry necklace chains is made of 925 Silver. 

          Product Details:

          Code N.310A- N.310C
          Material: Pure Silver 925
          Color: Rhodium Plated
          Weight : + 1 - 1.8 Gram Link Size : 2.00 x 1.40 mm
          Wire Thickness : 0.40 mm
          Choice of Length from 16 Inch - 20 Inch ( 40 cm - 50 cm )

          Vintage Drop Peral Charm Necklace Vintage Drop Peral Charm Necklace
          $ 106.35$ 151.93

          Māṇḍalika refers to the title of a ruler of a territory. It is also a designation for a man with a high position or a duke. Adopting those strong meanings, Sunaka Jewelry created the newest collection, Mutiara Mandalika, combining delicately carved patterns with the famous Mabe pearl of Lombok. Pearl itself attracts wealth and luck as well as offers protection. It is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. This collection coming in various jewelry options from ring to brooch with finishing touch of 18-carat gold plated and oxidized silver.

          Also, three different Mabe pearls were used, Pink Mabe; White Mabe; and Blue Mabe, giving a wider style perspective for all jewelry enthusiasts.

          Detail Product

          • Weight: 14.6 grams
          • Length: 17.7 inches
          • Pendant Length: 3 inches
          • Pendant Width: 1 inch
          • Stone: White Mabe Pearl, Blue Mabe Pearl (please choose one of the colors)
          • Closure: Lobster claw
          • Chain: Rolo 
          Necklace Regular Curb Chain Gold Plated Necklace Regular Curb Chain Gold Plated
            $ 28.85

              PRODUCT DETAILS:

              Total length : 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 inch
              Closure : Lobster claw
              Material : Sterling silver 925
              Color : Gold Plated

              $ 76.93

              Ashoka are trees that are considered sacred by Hinduism. The tree will emit fragrant at night in April and May each year. This plant tree is often associated with love and holiness.

              Inspired from delicate tiny piece of Ashoka petals, Sunaka Jewelry carved and assemble each piece with fine silver jewelry making technique.

              Featuring 18 carat gold plated, Asoka collection came up with newest jewelry design option from earrings to brooch.


              PRODUCT DETAILS:
              Length: 365 mm
              Width: 20 mm
              Weight: 5.12 gram
              Material: Sterling Silver 925
              Color: Gold Plated 18K
              Stone: Cubic Zirconia

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