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Valentine's Gift Idea under 400K!

It doesn't feel like Valentine's Day coming soon. Have you prepared Valentine's gift for your loved ones?  what you have prepared?

Bouquet of flowers, romantic dinner?

This is incomplete if you haven't added 3 romantic valentine's gift references from Sunaka Jewelry for your consideration!


1. Couple ring set with your partner's name engraved!

Know that something personalized will be more meaningful to the recipient, because giving the item will make the person who receives it will be touched and feel that you have made an effort to give it sincerely. Couple set rings made from 925 sterling silver are in great demand from time to time, apart from being popular for giving gifts for anniversary celebrations, Valentine's Day, engagements and weddings, they also give a minimalist impression, and are durable for everyday use.

One of the ideas is a couple ring set made from 925 sterling silver, besides silver is a precious metal that is durable and easy to shape, you can also engrave this ring with your partner's name or with the word "you want to put on the ring so that it will make a more personalized impression.


2. Friendship Rope Woven Bracelet

Maybe many of us prefer bracelets as gifts for friends. The bracelet itself is always different from friendship that is never timeless and will be given with initial bracelets that will be given to friends, it will be useful for us in times of joy and sorrow, besides that friends listen to each other's concerns. Therefore, presenting this woven bracelet as a gift can be a gift. Alternative way to show a sign of our love for friends.


3. Gift Set with Jewelry

A gift set will always be favored by young people as a practical gift option given to loved ones besides being practical because in a gift set there is usually a complete set so that you are no longer confused in buying gifts at affordable prices.

Don’t hesitate to give a gift set to your loved ones!

Let’s discuss Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones with @Sunaka_Jewelry!  



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