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Jewellery is what people notice first after your cloth and it gives you a little magic to your look. If you ever notice how your friend looks perfect and fabulous on their silver or gold jewellery? And you start wondering why the colour didn’t suit you well? Probably it is because of different undertones that all people have. Certain metals and stone perfectly match with certain skin tones, now let us learn about how different jewellery can flatter your skin tone! You’ll be able to find the perfect pieces of jewellery that looks best on you.


What Is Skin Tone?

Skin colour and skin tone are two different things. Your skin colour (the overtone) is the colour of the skin you were born with. It can change due to environmental factors like getting tanned or burnt in harsh sunlight. Skin tone (the undertone) never changes. It can be traced back to your ethnicity and biological makeup, which consists of pigmentation, melanin, etc.


Types of Skin Tone:

There are three broad categories of skin tones – cool, warm, and neutral. The easiest way to know what skin type is yours is by standing under natural light and looking at the veins on your wrists. And voila, here’s what you will find: 


Cool skin tones – People with cool skin tones will have blue or purple veins. Those who have cool skin tones will burn when exposed to too much sun, rather than get tanned. This is because they have a lower melanin count.

Neutral skin tone – The vein's color will be both blue and green, in equal measure or leaning towards one or the other. When exposed to the sun, you will either tan or get sunburnt. Sometimes, this could depend on the part of your body exposed to the sun.

Warm skin tones – If your veins look green, then you have a warm skin tone. If you stay out in the sun for too long, you get tanned very easily.


Matching Skin Tones to Metals

Now, that you already know what your skin tone is, it will be easier for you to match it with perfect jewelry. People with cool skin tones look best in light metals like silver, platinum, and white gold. Those with warm skin tones will look good in gold, rose gold, copper, and brass metal. And those who have neutral skin tones got the best of both worlds. They suit perfectly either yellow or white metals.


Since cool skin tones look great in silver, Sunaka Jewelry Keong Emas will be a light option for their daily style.


For those who have a neutral skin tone, be flattered in a set of Anggrek collection.


Songket collection in rose gold plating surely matches with you who has a warm skin tone.


Matching Skin Tones to Gemstones

Besides matching your skin tone with metal colors to look perfect on your jewellery, you need to consider what gemstone fits your skin tone also. Because we cannot deny that gemstones can be a focal point of your jewelry.


Cool tone – Cool skin tones work well with bright colors like blue and purple as they add some brightness and liveliness to cool skin. One perfect option for you is amethysts and we are sure, the new collection of Jawan Keliling will fit you best.


Neutral tone – Since you are a mix of both, you have free reign to choose any gemstones, as all of them will look flattering on you. In our opinion, the collection of Asoka with the touch of Zircon gems will be a piece of perfect jewelry for you.


Warm tone – Those with warm undertones will have a yellow hue to their skin. Yellow is an earthy color, so it matches well with other earthy tones like red, yellow, orange, brown, and turquoise. The Pelangi collection with citrine stone will be a perfect match jewelry for you.

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