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Jewelry Care and Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Treasures Shiny and Looks New

Jewelry is a popular and valuable form of investment, both financially and emotionally. You don't want your jewelry to become dull, black, or faded due to a lack of care, do you? Caring for your jewelry so that it looks new and lasts longer is not as difficult as you might think.

Want to know how? Check out these helpful hints for you to try!

1. Clean regularly

Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis is essential for keeping it shiny and well-cared for. Simply, you can clean your jewelry with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and dishwashing liquid soap, especially after use or exposure to sweat, oil, and skin care products.

2. Avoid chemical exposure

Perfume, hairspray, and skin care products are examples of chemicals that might harm the surface of your jewelry. It's advisable to apply chemical-based products first to prevent harm, or to wait until the product has fully absorbed into the skin before putting on any jewelry.

3. Store properly & check regularly

To avoid rust, make sure your jewelry is kept in a dry location far from wet air. In order to prevent scratches or abrasions, it is also best to store jewelry separately from one another. Always frequently check jewelry to make sure all jewels are secure and undamaged. To avoid further damage, correct any issues you detect with your jewelry right away

4. Visit a jewelry expert

If you're unsure how to maintain your jewelry, you can bring it to a jeweler for advice and, if necessary, maintenance or repairs.

Your jewelry collection needs consistent, ongoing upkeep to stay shiny, long-lasting, and new-looking. By following the practical recommendations described above, you may extend the life of your jewelry while maintaining its investment and sentimental value.

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