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Interpretation of Seserahan will make the moment even more perfect!

It has become a tradition in several wedding customs in Indonesia, "Seserahan" is symbolized as a provision for life after marriage, and as times progress, the "Seserahan" is growing and its contents are also diverse which of course aims to make the bride and groom happy when receiving it.


  1. Outfit Set

There are various kinds of arrangements that can be given by men to women, whether it's a typical regional kebaya, work clothes, etc. The symbol behind this offering is believed to be a symbol of the hope that the couple's household secrets can be kept well.


  1. Skin Care and Makeup Set

This one object is definitely very liked by women, things that are not only liked, this object holds a good prayer from offering this offering, namely so that women can maintain a good appearance and appearance in front of their partners.


  1. One Set of Jewelry

The delivery containing this jewelry set will give meaning so that women as future wives always shine and sparkle throughout their lives.



  1. Shoes and Bags

These Shoes and Bags mean that both parties can live life together and side by side.

Diverse types of "Seserahan" that you can use as inspiration for your blissful moments!


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