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Embracing Nature's Elegance: The Bougenville Collection by Sunaka Jewelry

Sunaka Jewelry proudly presents the Bougenville Collection—a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty forged by our talented Indonesian artisans. The Bougenville Collection is a celebration of nature's allure, intricately woven into each piece by our meticulous artisans. Crafted from the finest 925 sterling silver using natural copycat techniques, this collection is created to resemble the majestic Bougainvillea flower as closely as possible, renowned for its delicate charm and vibrant petals.


Our artisans delicately mold every piece to encapsulate the enchanting essence of the Bougainvillea, a flower symbolizing grace and vitality. Originating from the sun-kissed landscapes of South America, the Bougenville flower's thin, paper-like sheath serves as the muse for these stunning creations. It has a versatile design, where several pieces of jewelry can be used in various styles so that they can be used every day or on other special occasions.


Indulge in the unique blend of craftsmanship and natural inspiration found in the Bougenville Collection. Each piece is more than just jewelry; it is a poetic expression of sophistication and a celebration of the delicate charm found in every petal. As you adorn yourself with these creations, you carry with you the essence of a flower—graceful, vibrant, and timeless.


Explore the Bougenville Collection and make these treasures yours by visiting our online shop at Sunaka Jewelry Shop ( or visit our offline store anytime at

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